How do we comprehend the world today if we don’t know the factors that created it?

If you’re just starting with a history degree program, you may want to think about three goals for the three years ahead: Celebrate and test your wits and develop a variety of skills, both practical and intellectual and appreciate history for it’s own sake. They didn’t realize the an enormous impact our past has on our lives today. Dr. They certainly didn’t realize how studying history could aid us in shaping our future.

Philip Carter is senior lecturer and director of the department of Digital research at the Institute of Historical Research, located in the School of Advanced Study, University of London. 1. Understand the Society. Flexible Learning (Part-time Studies) Of all the reasons to study the past This one could be the most significant. BCIT Flex learning (formerly Part-time Study) provides a wide range of programs and courses in the morning, in the evenings or combination of both. How do we comprehend the world today if we don’t know the factors that created it? The people and events that have shaped our current society are extremely significant. With over 1,000 classes to choose from and fresh options for learning like microcredentials as well as free online classes, creating an impressive resume is never simpler.

2 Learn to Understand Change. Registration for the winter session (Jan-March 2023) starts on Tuesday, October 26 in the morning at 9:00 AM (PST). Along with understanding the social structure by studying the past, we can take to understand what triggers changes. Don’t miss it!

Find Flexible Learning programs and courses. The events that led to the two World Wars help us understand the way that a single event can trigger a huge sequence of changes. Part-time courses and programmes. The past gives us the chance to observe how our daily lives has changed over time and the factors that contribute to the process of fostering change. Start with a class, complete with the degree. 3 Helps to establish a sense of identity.

BCIT Flexible Learning allows you to take your education wherever it is needed. It’s no wonder websites such as are so well-known. BCIT Flexible Learning it is possible to can expand your knowledge according to your requirements and goals, by taking one step at a service. People are interested in knowing the origins of their ancestors. Microcredentials. What is the blood that runs through their veins? Are there any interesting family background? The history of your family is crucial to some people when it comes to creating a sense of identity.

Digital badges that are short, stackable and microcredentials allow you to quickly acquire new skills and information that is vital to Canadian sectors. Four Preserves stories. Four reasons to learn about history. It is crucial that we listen to the stories of people who came who came before us. If you’re interested in the past and wish to know the ways it can shape the future of our species, then take a look at taking up a course in the field of the history of our time. I find talking with my grandmother fascinating as she has numerous stories about the experiences of growing up during her lifetime. The field of history is multifaceted which will enhance your understanding of your culture as well as your moral knowledge of the world that we are living in.

It is essential to listen to what people who came before us have to tell us. When you study history, you’ll develop many transferable abilities such as informed citizenship and critical thinking, through to general awareness and research. We must listen to their stories, keep their stories, and then pass them on to the generations that follow us. Additionally, the information acquired through studying historical subjects is applicable to numerous fields and may provide a wide range of opportunities for employment. 5 Inspire Us. Here the associate professor of History Dr. The stories of those who came who came before us can motivate us to make changes in our personal lives.

Tony Joel, from Deakin University’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences gives four reasons why studying the history of our time will lead to an exciting and lucrative career. The knowledge that my ancestors came to America and worked hard to have a better life motivates me to try to the max to provide for my family in the future. More to the story of history goes beyond being aware of dates and times. Our history can have a profound influence on our future, and we must have that motivation to help us understand that. It’s a popular misconception that studying the past is just keeping track of events, people that are important, dates, places , etc. 6 Teach Us Warning Signs.

The who whom, what, when, and where type of questions are only the beginning. Within the Jewish community We pray that a Holocaust will never occur to anyone ever again. The historians are much more interested in examining the questions of how and why and interpret the events in order to comprehend how they happened and why they took place.

However, because of our experience and loss, we’ve discovered the warning signs that led to the horror.